Gods Edit

Bank, the Reserved Goddess Edit

Bank is known to be disconnected from the Pantheon of the other Gods. Her location, masked behind a magical barrier, is unknown. Only those that Bank are to choose can access her time. Persuasive and charismatic, it is near impossible for a mortal to deny her requests, and sometimes, even other Gods.

Gansxor, God of Wrath Edit

Gansxor, the brother of Jerethro, always envied his sibling’s wealth, popularity, and praise. He assists those that look to upstage a challenger, succeed in vengeance amongst enemies, and possess wisdom when making a large decision in a controversial situation.

Jerethro, God of Riches Edit

Jerethro, the King’s Whisperer, is a common supporter of nobility and heroism alike. Many eager adventurers, high-class individuals and kingly figures dedicate time to pray to Jerethro in hopes of good luck and riches. His younger, pretentious sibling is Gansxor.

Titans Edit

Dlokos, The Sand Giant Edit

Dlokos is an ancient being that lives in the deserts of the Yusaes-Ecladeshian empire, and offers his guidance and help whoever may seek him regardless of background or motive.

Taritic, Titan of Nature Edit

A titan with near-godly powers. Best known for being considered the “Anti-God.” He believes that societal development driven from war, chaos and natural selection. In the past, Taritic would enforce edicts, summon the evil, and apply curses in to prevent godly assistance to mortals. He is not able to access God’s Rest, and is to be seen pacing around the oceans of Iarera. Titans that roam the land are largely his creations.