Pantheon Overworld

Regions Edit

Goround Edit

This massive temperate area is peaceful, containing the least natural threats in comparison to its nearby regions. Its land has its variation, coming from abysmally flat grassy terrain to awe-striking stony mountain ranges that stand tall, some even beyond the clouds. Its rivers are known for possessing the highest concentration of special minerals that are commonly used for the creation of magical items, potions, and medical application.

Houmid Isles Edit

When people mention the “North-East,” the Houmid Isles are typically the first location to pop into mind. It contains four minuscule islands, each riddled with homespun shanties for pirates and squatters alike to live in.

Iarera Edit

This dark and dangerous bridge between nations connects the Provinces of Enan to Goround. The climate gradients eastward from a snow-blanked taiga to a cooler, temperate forest. The corruptness of its ripped, leafless trees, gray grass, and rarity of life are common symbols of its bleakness. Its terrain is physically dangerous: The rocks commonly being sedimentary and sharp, rather than smooth and geometrical, its forests compliment with the infestation of thorny purple bark and poisonous berries, and fish-riddled shorelines.

Provinces of Enan Edit

Located in the North-West, The Provinces of Enan are filled with petty and insignificant nations, constantly in conflict with one another. None of these nations are able to rival even a single other sovereign entity on the globe outside of Enan, thus making them the most impoverished nations.

Republic of Glyss Edit

South western tropical island nation to the east of the far off reaches of the Yusaes-Echladeshian Empire.

Yusaes-Ecladeshian Empire Edit

A warm desert South eastern island nation bordering many smaller countries, and west to the republic of Glyss.