Pantheon Iarera

Location Edit

This dark and dangerous bridge between nations connects the Provinces of Enan to Goround. The climate gradients eastward from a snow-blanked taiga to a cooler, temperate forest. The corruptness of its ripped, leafless trees, gray grass, and rarity of life are common symbols of its bleakness. Its terrain is physically dangerous: The rocks commonly being sedimentary and sharp, rather than smooth and geometrical, its forests compliment with the infestation of thorny purple bark and poisonous berries, and fish-riddled shorelines.

Significance Edit

Despite its danger, it carries rich history within it: A forgotten civilization. Not much has been revealed, but there are sightings of its army that is said to be restlessly patrolling the region, being hostile at sight. The witches, too, are rumored to be putting work in crafting contraband forbidden by the gods and summoning apparitions from a realm unknown. For adventurers and royalty, it is a statement to announce the attendance to Iarera. It was an old practice for noblemen to challenge each other to hunt the larger game, explorers would delve deep to find legendary treasures, and some battalions would tour the region and claim the spoils of combative foes they encounter.