Pantheon isles

Location Edit

When people mention the “North-East,” the Houmid Isles are typically the first location to pop into mind. It contains four miniscule islands, each riddled with homespun shanties for pirates and squatters alike to live in.

Significance Edit

The Houmid Isles lack stability. The land is largely lawless, though it is not especially dangerous due to the lack of valuable objects to encourage crime. It is known for having an interesting cast of individuals, making underground connections, and dancing the night away. Crime tends to rendezvous back to this location.

Anything above average that enters this unpredictable region can either end up staying or being redirected elsewhere. Nobles are often toyed with, or kidnapped. Treasures are stolen or lost. Word gets around just as easily as the waves of the ocean do, so reputation is rapidly built and lost.