Pantheon deremia

Background Edit

Seeing itself as the most powerful and supreme nation on Enan, it’s people are some of the most arrogant people on the subcontinent. Deremia used to control much of Enan, able to rival other powers of the world. This all came crumbling down after a long series of rebellions occurred within the heavily mismanaged empire. This revolution was also rumored to have been assisted by the rest of the free provinces. After no more than a few decades, an ultra-nationalist government took over, seeking to reclaim the former glory of Deremia.

Significance Edit

It’s geographic position puts Deremia in a relatively strong spot; it’s neighbor the the West, Altger, is very peaceful, and some even see them as a vassal, or even a puppet of sorts to the Deremians. Their enemies to the east are constantly at odds with each other, though the balance of power is usually kept in tact with temporary coalitions against a nation who has been deemed too powerful, which in most cases happens to be Deremia.