Pantheon chaz

Background Edit

Chazeracqe was once an occupied province, by the ancient civilization, Iarera. They had controlled the region with an iron first for many centuries stripping Chazeracqe of its valuable ores and stone, eventually an uprising occurred and Iarera's forces were driven from the region, they then used their remaining resources and the ones that had been recovered, to construct a large wall between the two states. Only one attempt was ever made to attack the wall before the vanishing of the Iarerian people, however the wall stood firm. Iarera’s military and civilization soon vanished, most believed they collapsed, but the wall remains as a precaution, wall watchers have reported seeing them, but no direct contact has been reported, and these “sightings” have been written off as nothing more than fear-mongering. As a fractured people who were on the brink of collapse they decided that they should move their home and start over,  a small fleet of ships were sent out to find a new home, which eventually discovered the island of Califar and found the Koman. This artifact was hailed as a religious artifact, unifying the long depressed people of Chazeracqe. Then Earredime “stole” the Koman , and thus Chazeracqe was again alone and breaking, their last piece of hope and the one thing that brought their people together was gone. They swore to never again be pushed around by another nation, so they launched a holy war against Earredime to reclaim their jewel.  The island is still divided from the war, Califar island natives, tired of the war on their home, hid the Koman in hopes of ending the war, however, both sides simply accused the other of stealing it, and the war just pushed on, increasing in ferocity.

Significance Edit

Extreme anti-Earredimian sentiments are rooted deep within modern Chazeracqe culture, with ~20% of all youth education consists of anti-Earredimian propaganda. The nation is war torn, and full of poverty, yet support for the war remains high, due to religious zeal and the fear of slaughter by the Earredimians.