Pantheon Altger

Background Edit

Traditionally part of the Greater Deremian Empire, upon its collapse, it groundlessly separated into its own country, though many years developed its own, still somewhat similar culture to Deremia, giving it a legitimate reason to exist as its own sovereign entity, protecting it from claims of ultra-nationalist Deremian leaders. However, the Altgerian people have no ill will towards it’s old overlord Deremia, and are among the most passive of the Enan Provinces. Deremia, while still an aggressive conqueror, finds little to no threat in Altger, and focuses more on it’s more powerful and aggressive foes on its other borders.

Significance Edit

Due to its geographical position, it finds itself in the position of a struggling trading nation, with a small trading navy, and few goods worth or plentiful enough to be traded. This position gives Altger the natural ally of Hentura, one of the only other trading peoples of Enan.